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Gary Vine here (pictured opposite) has been in the internet business for over 10 years, which the last 7 or so years have been heavily involved in hosting using Control Panel and Web Host Management Platforms. We are slowly builing a strong portfolio of customers and at the same time building a strong reputation in understanding and keeping up with the latest trends in website hosting.

This mini site “GVA Online Hosting Information & Support Site” has been drafted together to provide immediate help, advice and support for all our customers, potential customers and even web visitors.

There is so much that can be written and broadcasted about Cpanel and Reseller Hosting we aim to gradually add content to this site, at the same time if you have any articles or videos you would like streamd on this site then be free to get in touch by sending a email to admin@gvaonline.co.uk.

Although we are developing this new mini site with helpful resources it does not mean that we will slack in our unlimited email support service. Should you need any help at any time then simplysend a email to admin@gvaonline.co.uk and we will till reply within our 24 hour deadline. As always, supply us with as much information as possible and we can usually fix and correct any problems on your behalf. Our policy is “You look after your websites” and “We look after all the technical issues”.

Additionally, we have obtained two user guides which are produced in PDF format and contain a few hundred pages, which this information is a great how to guide in running your WHM and cpanel accounts. To access this information click here.


Then Please Read On …….

I’m affraid we’re not as big as 123-reg.co.uk or godaddy.com, we don’t host hundreds of thousands of domains. But, we do operate the same cpanel and whm (reseller) technology as these big companies in running your sites on a very professional platform.

Also, unlike the big companies we do not have a automatic ordering system. All orders that we deal with are processed and set up manually within 24 hours. By us doing this means we get to interact with our customers and pay a active role in managing and setting up the backend operation of your websites.

How we will benefit your website?

Ou hosting is run on two very reliable servers based in Chicago and London. We have full control over every aspect of our servers even though our office is in South West England. In our Data Centres in London and Chicago we have access to a team of technical experts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and be able to instruct the tech guys to correct issues within minutes. As already stated we have very reliable servers which hardly ever go down. During 2008 – 2009 we had a total downtime of 2.5 hours and this was corrected extremely quick.

We want to Host Your Website ….

If your with a big hosting provider with terrible customer service then join us or if you are just stating your own website and need affordable and realiable hosting then get in touch.

We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service and taking a acive interest in your web presence.

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