Frequently Asked Questions

To answer some of your most frequently asked questions about our UK website hosting services we have presented some of them below for you.

If there is a question that you have that we have not answered below then please email 

Q. How long will it take to set up my web hosting account?
A. Your web hosting account will be set up within 24 hours of GVA Online receiving your order & confirming your order. This includes necessary payment received.

Q. What information do you require to set up my web hosting account?
A. We will require details of the domain or domains you wish to be hosted.

Q. What information will I receive once the web hosting is set up?
A. We will send you a Welcome email that will provide you with all the instructions necessary to logon to your control panel, set-up email and upload your website.

Q. When I enter my domain name all I can see is the GVA Online placeholder page. How do I remove it?
A. You need to login into your cPanel, goto the public_html directory of the account and delete the index.html file.

Q. Can I transfer my web hosting from another company to you?
A. Yes. However, please check the server requirements for your website or contact us if you are unsure whether our server will be appropriate for hosting your website.

Q. What are DNS (domain name server) names?
Primary DNS:  
Secondary DNS:  

Q. How long does it take for my domain name to be available?
A. Domain transfers can take several days to propagate throughout the Internet and GVA has no control over this process.

Q. I don't have a domain name do I need one for a web hosting account?
A. Yes you will. You can purchase a domain name from by clicking here together with a web hosting package.

Q. If I already have a domain name, can I still host with you?
A. Yes. All we need is the domain name to set-up your web hosting account.

Q. Can I transfer my domain name to you?
A. Yes.  

Q. How long does it take to transfer a domain?
A. Once the transfer has been submitted, it can take anywhere from 24-72 hours.

Q. Do you offer domain parking?
A. Yes we do. Have a look at your particular package allocation.

Q. Do you offer an easy access control panel?
A. Yes, each account comes with the leading control panel cPanel, allowing you to manage your web hosting account.

Q. Is there any documentation about the Control Panel?
A. Information about your Website Control Panel is available here:

Q. How can I see how many visitors I am getting?
A. You will have access to Webalizer within Cpanel which provides a comprehensive record of site statistics. A sample can be found here:

Q. Can I use CGI scripts on my website?
A. Yes, you can use PHP or CGI scripts. Your account comes with a number of pre-installed script. Click on 'CGI Centre' inside the Control Panel and you will see a list of scripts. 

Q. Which databases do you support?
A. We support MySQL. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database, recognized for its speed and reliability.

Q. Do you support FrontPage?
A. Yes, FrontPage Extensions on the server are free!
Q. What versions of Frontpage Extensions do you support?
A. We support Microsoft Frontpage 98, 2000, 2002 and 2003.

Q. What versions of PHP do you support?
A. We are currently running PHP 4.3.10

Q. What webserver software do you run?
A. We are currently running Apache 1.3.33

Q. What version of MySQL do you support?
A. We are currently running MySQL 4.0.23

Q. Do you support FTP?
A. Yes, we support FTP. We recommend you use FileZilla, CUTE FTP or WS FTP.

Q. Do you offer phpMyAdmin for database administration?
A. Yes! phpMyAdmin comes pre-installed into your control panel.

Q. Are there any other general restrictions?
A. In general we do not allow sites whose primary purpose is file downloads or transfer. We must have this restriction to ensure that all users receive fast, dependable service. Transfer only sites put an undue burden on our servers.

Q. How often can I update my website?
A. All GVA Online accounts come with unlimited 24/7 access to update your website.

Q. How often are the backups done?
A. Your site will be backed up every day. We would recommend all clients make their own site back-ups.

Q. Do you put adverts on my website?
A. No, we never put adverts on any sites hosted.

Q. Can I upgrade my account or add more features?
A. Yes, you can upgrade to a new plan at anytime.

Q. What is the preferred method of payment?
A. We accept most online Credit and Debit cards. We also accept cheques and postal orders from UK customers.

Q. Can I pay by cheque?
A. Yes

Q. What currency can I order my web hosting in?
A. Prices are in Sterling GBP but when you proceed to checkout you can select USD or EUR as alternative payment types.

Q. Are my credit card details secure?
A. Yes. All online payments are transferred to Pay Pal - our third party gateway partner, and all transactions are updated on their secure server. We never see or get access to your credit card details.

Q. Can I host a commercial website?
A. Yes, GVA can host your commercial website.

Q. Can I host a adult related website?
A. Yes, we already host adult related websites. However, we do monitor all adult sites to ensure they promote and adhere to strict guidelines which prevent under age persons access any such sites.

Q. Can you design my website for me?
A. No. We have ceased our web design business.

Q. Do you provide technical support?
A. Yes, we provide technical support by emailing Remember to include your domain, username and any information you may feel relevant.

Q. Does your web hosting packages support DreamWeaver?
A. Yes they do.

Q. I have an Apple Mac, can I use the cPanel?
A. Yes, we have Apple Mac customers who can use all components of the cPanel and host successfully with us.

Q. I have more questions?
A. Then no problem - we pride ourselves within our customer service. Simply send a email to with any further questions you may have.




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